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An Easter Gift!

The Dively kids of Macomb, IL. Ty, age 8 and Anna,4 years old with their 2005 Easter Gift! Making their own worm bins and bedding...they have the Euros, too!

Amynthas gracillus

Amynthas gracillus

We're the Ingrams, Bob and Jan. Let us tell you about ourselves!

Trinity Ranch has been a family owned operation since 1982. We have been involved in lots of fun activities, especially with our horses. We have hosted many rodeo type events here at the ranch arena, especially Barrel Racing and Team Roping. We currently board horses for other folks, host special events, and Jan enjoys teaching Western riding and raising an outstanding strain of Australian Shepherd dogs.

Bob's fishing hobby led to an interest in raising his own bait. After doing some research, he became intrigued by the possibility of raising worms as part of the ranch business. If you know Bob, there was no stopping him. Jan decided to look at the bright side: Finally a use for all that horse manure!

Bob soon became very knowledgable and turned the squiggly critters into a first-class operation. He feels they are God's gift to the natural world. Now he makes us call it vermiculture.

Our family is enjoying raising a variety of worm species, and the grandkids have fun digging around in the dirt.

Drop us a line and let us know how we can help you!

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Do Our Worms Catch Fish? You Bet!
May 23,2003, friend and neighbor Bill Dothage caught this two pound, 12 1/2 inch long bluegill in about 10 feet of water at 3:18 in the afternoon on one of our Europeans (As this female bluegill was chock full of eggs, Bill released her immediately after this picture was taken).

Bob Ingram * Trinity Ranch * 5750 Duda Road * House Springs, MO * 63051 * 636 375-3555