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Thank you for viewing the site! This page will just go over some usefull information on how to get a great night of sleep, by simply talking to your Doctor. A basic Polysomnograph (PSG), or "Sleep Study" can analyze your personal needs for a healthy, and enjoyable night. Not only helping you stay asleep but, helping you feel more alive and rejuvenated during a typical day. So take a look and we may be able to help!

If you experience any one of the following effects, you might be suffering from a sleep disorder called, "Sleep Apnea". Some of these symptoms are: Loud snoring, headaches, high blood pressure, a dry mouth upon awakening, heartburn, depression, difficulty concentration, insomnia, frequent trips to the restroom, restless sleep, gasping or choking immediately upon awakening, and most importantly, progressive weight gain. If one of these sounds familiar don't hesitate to mention this to your physician. Doctors are well aware of the Sleep Clinic and will order a study for you. You may even want to ask your spouse/bed partner about your sleeping habits.

An individual suffering from SLEEP APNEA will go through a series of respiratory events called Apneas/Hypopneas. When this occurs, your airway will become partially or even completely blocked, causing you to "stop breathing" for up to 1-2 minutes at a time. Causing a chain of events, such as a dramatic decrease in Oxygen saturation, interference of sleep stages, body movements, etc. The significance is a very disturbed sleep cycle, which will cause excessive daytime sleepiness (fatigue) that can rule your day. You may ask why tiresome evenings can rule your day or even your life. If you've ever nodded off at the wheel of your vehicle, you might agree. Sleep Apnea is the number one leading cause of commercial driving accidents. So if there is any question that you may be experiencing Sleep Apnea do not ignore your condition. It should be taken very seriously.

When you arrive to the Sleep Diagnostics Center you will be connected to a series of leads that will give us the information to determine whether you are experiencing respiratory distress. They are placed in various locations on the head chest and legs. You will be in bed by approximately 10:00-11:00pm. If your technician is able to highlight an average of 15 or more apneic or hypopneic events per hour, they will apply the therapeutics during the test. From 12:00-1:00am the CPAP mask will be initiated. The tech will slowly increase the pressure of the CPAP mask according to your individual needs. This will ensure that you never have another breathless period during the night. By lights on we will have found the correct settings for you and will be able to discuss your unique sleeping habits. Enable to permanently eliminate your unique problem; the CPAP will need to be worn every night. Your physician will order one for you. It can be a life saving experience!

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Here's What happens!


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