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One Feather, Spirit and Sacred Pipe Carver


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One Feather, Spirit and Sacred Pipe Carver

One Feather, Spirit and Sacred Pipe Carver

My Native American name is One Feather. I was raised by my Great Grandmother, Wilma Eagle. She was a full blooded Cherokee medicine healer. My Great Grandmother was a dedicated hard working woman, whom I will always cherish. She was also a renowned artist. Her artwork is displayed in the Oklahoma Cherokee Museum under the name, E. A. Gle."
I was age seven, my Great Grandmother took me in to live with her. I was fascinated with her beautiful artwork, and eager to learn from her. She soon began my formal training in the art of traditional Indian pipe, figure, and fetish carvings. I trained with her until her death, in 1984.
I loved my Great Grandmother dearly, and the skills she taught me, will forever be greatly appreciated. I dedicate my website to my Great Grandmother, Wilma Eagle.

My true calling in life, is following the trade my Great Grandmother taught me in carving of beautiful art. Carving peace pipes, sacred and spirited pipes, animal, figure, and fetishes of all sorts, is a long time hobby of mine. I truly love to share my artwork with the entire world.

onefeather, spirit and sacred pipe carver

One Feather, Spirit and Sacred Pipe Carver

About My Carvings and My Business:

I enjoy owning my own business as a heat and air technician. I love to carve my spirit pipes, animal, figure, or fetish arwork. I also enjoy fishing, and spending time by the lake. Some of my most treasured pieces of artwork have been created in the tranquillity of the outdoors.

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One Feather, Spirit and Sacred Pipe Carver