Welcome to the Save Our Spring / Stop the Grand Parkway website!

Welcome to the Save Our Spring / Stop the Grand Parkway website!
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Welcome to the United to Save Our Spring website!
This website is dedicating to disseminating pertinent information regarding the Grand Parkway project, particularly but not limited to, Segment F-2. We have tried to cull from many varied sources in order to give you a more clear and factual overview of what has occurred and what is planned for the future of the Grand Parkway.

We feel that, based upon the latest information available from the Draft Environmental Impact Study (DEIS), that the Grand Parkway, if it is truly intended to be a traffic congestion alleviation method, needs to be located in the Montgomery County area instead of in Spring, Texas. Their needs are much greater than our own, in terms of mobility and we encourage Montgomery County to form their own Mobility Authority, much like Fort Bend and Brazoria (and now Cameron County!)have done, as soon as possible. Harris County Toll Road Authority, in our estimation, is trying to put the northwestern quadrant (Segment F-2) on the fast track, and we believe that this is being done to ensure that all monies generated from revenue of the Grand Parkway Tollroad will stay in Harris County coffers. In reality, the Grand Parkway will most likely be used the most by Montgomery County residents. If Montgomery County were to take over the project, then all monies generated would stay within Montgomery County coffers instead. In turn, said revenue could then be used to upgrade existing roads throughout Montgomery County instead. Montgomery County has already been given the go-ahead to use the pass-through tolls program, so forming their own Mobility Authority would be a no-brainer for them. Read through the articles listed to your left and learn for yourself. Be sure to check the links section as well for even more.

The Grand Parkway Association has made it very clear that that ALL comments made regarding the Grand Parkway project, whether from those residents in the "study area", or from anywhere else in the world, carry the same and equal weight. We encourage anyone, anywhere reading through this website to comment on this project using the link provided below.

Send comments to the Grand Parkway Association by clicking here! (Remember, you DON'T have to even live in TEXAS to send your comments; anyone from anywhere can comment on this project!)