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Here you'll learn all about me: my books at DiskUs Publishing, my reviews, and lots more. I hope you enjoy your visit and stop back often.

Don't miss The Zion Trilogy available at DiskUs Publishing. Where art rules, but not the kind most people would create. Meet Zion The Artist and beware...

DiskUs Publishing.

My author page at DiskUs Publishing and links to my regular releases, Quick Picks, and children's stories.


My children's story, HALLOWEEN PUPPY will be available at DiskUs Publishing in October.


Denise Anders was bored with Halloween parties and wished for one that made her afraid like the ones she'd known as a kid. Little did she realize that wishes come true and not all is as it seems, including love.

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Granddaughter of Zion available this month from DiskUs Publishing. The third novel of The Zion Trilogy.

Danzionna continues the family art but she desires men's heads and is on a collision course with a destiny that is as deadly as the art she creates.

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Watch for my Halloween Books coming from DiskUs Publishing in October. Halloween Puppy, a children's story and Halloween Party, a romance.

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