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"The young shall have dreams and the old shall have visions"

I have seriously been paying attention to my dreams since 1972. You can read a few of my most significant dreams in the Life after Life page.

I keep a journal of my life changing dreams. I will share with you some of my entries.
What usually happens is that if you don't get the message on the first dream, it will come back several times (usually 3x) until you have dealt with it in your life experience.

Sometimes I am not as opened to hearing a message, at times in my life I am too busy with mundane things and totally neglect this wonderful gift of dreams and the unconscious. I have to remember that events come and go but my inner being will always be there with me and that I have to give it attention or my life will get chaotic and I will lose the peace in my soul. This is not a good way to live, it causes problems, I get negative, my expectations of others rises and it is not good all around. I get agitated, lose control and make demands of others, it is not pretty to watch myself go down this path. Thank God, I have a very understanding husband and after awhile when I get exhausted from acting out this way, we have a good laugh. At least, most of the time, I am aware of what I am doing, even if I am acting against my better nature. I realize that I will have to pay for the consequences of my actions.

Dreams are: The Other Side of Silence, a safe way to get to your unconscious. Most of the time a dream will only take you as far as you want to go with your inner life and will not push you beyond your limits. If you are a believer that God sends you the dreams to help you grow, than you can believe that God doesnt go where He is not invited. Also, He will give you the interpretation if you are prepared to accept it.

You dont have to have degrees and read tons of books on dreams to get the meaning. Why would God give you a dream without the interpretation, He really does not want to complicate my life with too many symbols, the unconscious will use symbols from my own past experiences. The bible is full of stories on dreams and interpretations.

The following are some verses.
ACTS 2:17/MT 2:13 /MT 1:20 /DAN 5:12/ DAN 1:17/ISA 29:7/WISDOM 18:19/ ESTH A:11 /1KGS 3:15/NUM 12:6/ GEN 40: 5-16/ GEN 41:22-32/GEN 37:5 20

Dream 10-4-83
I was in a classroom, the only adult in a class, mostly young men, like a seminary. A priest was observing the class. The teacher was a woman. When I arrived, she cautiously looked me over. I was anxious to begin the class, I had sort of read the book that we would be discussing. It was written by Pope John Paul 11. I was most interested in seeing her views on this book and also expressing mine. Before we began, I looked around and noticed the class was dressed conservatively, I thought to myself thats too bad, this class might reaffirm their already conservative viewpoint. All at once the teacher, in front of everyone, tells me that she didnt want me in her class, she judged that I would interfere with her teachings, etc. I was asked to leave. I was a little annoyed and started to put all my things away, I could hear in the background, buzzing etc., the priest was appalled, he couldnt believe what was happening. Collective interpretation: If I am not secure in my belief system, it will come out in many ways. The teacher, showed her students that she was afraid of controversy. Which only makes her look insecure. The students are already sizing up the situation and will be aware throughout this class, that there is more to this then meets the eye. The teacher by getting rid of the student actually is bringing on the conflict to a head start.
Personal interpretation: If I am afraid to express and dialogue about my convictions, it is because I am not grounded enough. Rooted in what truth has been given to me. I have to stand on faith that what was revealed to me is the truth. Jesus is my teacher. He is Truth.

Dream 1-18-84
Scene 1: Swimming in a large pool with Dick. Lisa was about 4 years old, she was doing OK at the edge of the pool. Letting go and floating on her back & staying on top of the water. All of a sudden she went under and I rushed to pull her on top, gave her some hard pats in the back and she was breathing again. Scene 2: Dick & I were on vacation. All of a sudden there were all kinds of disasters surrounding us on all sides. Fire on both sides of us, a train above us also caught on fire. People were diving in the water, the water level was rising and didnt look like it was going to stop. Dick wanted to get to a phone booth to call his brother Ralph, to tell him how bad things were, I taught that this was foolish because we were wasting precious time. He got off the phone, in the meantime I was trying to keep an eye on our little boy. Other people found him and put him up on a statue, he loved it, overlooking all the events. We took him down, and all started to swim for our lives. The boy had yellow trunks on and started to go under, while Dick was not watching. Dick went after him, as I watched, both of them went under, I started to search for them but knew it was almost impossible. All of a sudden a little girt bit my leg, she wanted some attention. I went under to get her and brought her to the surface. When I got up to the surface, there were a number of little girls around, to be rescued, I found some life boats, I put all of them on, the storm was over and we all proceeded to the shore.
Scene 3: I was on a couch, I was getting fatter. I started to sit down and noticed a little girl under me.
Personal interpretation: If I dont start coming to gripes with the child inside myself, and letting go and be more spontaneous, I will bury myself and die.

Dream 8-6-95
Scene 1: Aunt Madeleine, moms sister is at a kitchen table and very somber waiting for news about my moms approaching death. Mom appears jubilant and vibrant looking 30 years old, nice wavy black hair, slim and dressed in a pantsuit, she is standing on the table and dancing. Next to her is Mary and they both ascend above and disappear. The next day there are a few priest standing around an altar talking and they greet my mom and Mary very joyfully. Than they all ascend upwards. Scene 2: I see my mom in a casket but her old body stays there but a newer, younger body hovers over the casket.
Personal interpretation: Mom has been somewhat depressed and is slowly aging, especially in the last year since her small strokes and broken hip and operation, she is not very happy. She is probably starting to let go of life and wants to leave us. She has always been somewhat of an introvert so its easier for her to let go of this life, but the next is a mystery to her and its always easier to live what you know than what you dont know. We, the family have to be prepared she is 75 years old. We had some good years together and its hard to see her down and immobile and not doing much or enjoying life.

Dream 6-23-96
Scene 1:
I am told by my sub-conscious to regress and go back to the time when my parents first found out abouth my forthcoming birth. I am about 2 1/2 years old and I am asking my father (Alfred) about how he felt about my birth. My father is young, short and thin ( later found out through his military records 5ft 5"-130lbs) he has on a long sleeve white striped dress shirt on with suspenders. My mom is sitting on a stool in the kitchen and she is her normal age of 76. My father explains that when he first found out my mother was pregnant, he was a little afraid that something (some illness) might hurt her and also he was concerned about the pain of giving birth. Scene 2: My father is in the bathroom, I follow him, he starts to shave, he has not spoken to me for a little while and explains that he wants me to ponder the things he is going to say to me and than very quietly and soft spoken he utters the word "prophet". I touch the blade of the razor and it is full of cream.
Personal interpretation: This dream made me feel peaceful. I have never attempted to reach my father and this is the third time that "he" has broken into my dream world. The first in 1974, which was very traumatic. It is very good to know that there are many loved ones on the other side to make the transition from this world to the next more positive and peaceful. It certainly has made me much less afraid of death. I know that the "spirit" lives on, I know. Before I believed and now I know. Meister Eckhart defines prophet: " mystic in action called to interfere with what interrupts authentic life".

December 21, 2004

60th Anniversary of my father Alfreds death.

Woke up around 2:30 am and couldnt go back to sleep. Was thinking about many things, Christmas, Don and Jackie leaving NH, Gerry and Judys passing, the family Christmas gathering at our home on Dec 19th, the kids playing in the new play room and the games that I had ready for them.

Very tired and need some renewal, asked the Lord for more strength and healing, always need more inner healing.

The following is a dream after I finally fell asleep around 5:15 am, after Dick left for work.

I was in a big hotel-casino type, like the one in Hollywood Florida, that we stayed in July 2004. I was alone and looking for a way out, I followed a crowd of people but the staff wouldnt let us exit. I had to find another way out. I went into this room where there were sick people; I didnt want to stay there. I just couldnt find a way out. I stumbled onto a grassy area with homes but was fenced in like barbed wire. The people there seemed to be mentally challenged and some very despondent, I started to find a way out but realized that once I was out, I would have to overcome one obstacle after another obstacle. I didnt feel defeated but came to the realization that I would have to make the best of this situation and proceeded to help others who had gone through this same experience. I accepted my fate and had the courage to let go of my anxiety and turn my energy to others facing the same challenge.

Interpretation. Some parts of your life you can change and other parts you have to accept. Very much like the Serenity Prayer that mom always had close by. We are all pilgrims on a journey and things dont always go as we would like or as we had planned. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. We are all struggling and need healing and the best way to overcome being despondent is to literally turn the other cheek and look toward your neighbor who is struggling just as you are.

I can understand what Victor Frankl had to go through in the concentration camp during WWII, when his whole family had been killed and he was alive and found meaning in his own life that no one could take away from him, his spirit he would not relinquish and overcame the tragedy because of his understanding of the true meaning of his life and his family. No one can take this from you unless you give yourself to them. The choice is always ours. This is the true meaning of faith and hope and love.

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