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Optimus Crossover Network


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3 Way Crossover Network - $45




This Car Audio 3-Way Electronic Crossover System will add amazing dimension to your sound system. If you have never experienced the sound improvement that a crossover provides here is your chance! This crossover network simply sends the bass frequencies to bass speakers, midrange frequencies to woofers, and treble frequencies to tweeters. This ensures that all of your speakers only "see" and handle the frequencies they were designed to handle. The result is a crisp, clean, dynamic sound that will blow away your ears. Without a crossover network all of your speakers attempt to drive all frequencies, even those that are outside of their design capability. This causes distortion as tweeters struggle to process bass signals, and a muddy, garbled sound as woofers try to process treble signals. A crossover is the only way to hear your sound system the way it was meant to be heard. Your ears deserve nothing less. Simple instructions are included for easy installation. This crossover unit was used only 3 months in a smoke free environment and works perfectly. Sell price $25.

-Catalog Number 12-2011
-Selectable 45/80/120 Hz subwoofer bass boost control
-Selectable Low-pass 50/90/180Hz
-Selectable Midrange bandpass between 50/90/180Hz and 2/4/6kHz
-Selectable High-pass 2/4/6kHz
-Crossover slopes: 12dB/octave
-2 pairs of RCA inputs jacks, 3 pairs of output jacks
-Rugged design for mounting in trunk or under rear deck
-Power ON light
-Illustrated instructions and all original packaging & literature.
-This unit was used only a few months and works great.

Please email or call (919) 845-1079 Mon-Sat 8AM-9PM.