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Row House Days & Row House Blues

Both books are available NOW through Infinity Publishing and
. . . go to,,,,,, or call toll-free 877-BUY-BOOK.

The books that bring you back to the old neighborhood!

My next project will be a book about weird happenings and amazing facts from Delaware County. If you have a story or suggestion for the book, please
e-mail me. If you saved an old news article on a strange or amazing happening in Delco, that's even better. I want to hear from you. If you have a photo, I will give you credit in the book.

Infinity Publishing

A thinly veiled memoir that explores the dynamics of being raised in a declining Philadelphia neighborhood.

Pint-sized and four-eyed, little Jimmy Morris is near the bottom of the food chain in his working class "streetcar suburb" of Kings Cross. Meanwhile, the conformity of the 50s is rapidly giving way to the chaos of the 60s . . . Rock-and-Roll, The Great Society, Vietnam. Yes, the times they definitely are a changin'. The Jews are wary of the upstart Catholics, Italian culture mystifies the Irish, and now the blacks are coming. Jimmy's father is orange, his mother green, and his people have been at odds for 800 years . . . with no end in sight.

And you thought you were confused, right?

Both blessed and cursed by a mind with a mind of its own, young Jimmy vacillates between academic promise and failure. He's a dreamer, schemer, school yard scrapper, secret lover of books, and classroom clown. The kind of kid you don't know whether to hug or to slap . . . but one you definitely won't forget.

Eighty-nine brief, gritty, two-fisted tales about the life and times of Jimmy Morris, and the beginning of the end for an urban ethnic enclave . . . and with that demise, the disappearance of a uniquely American way of life. An offbeat, spirited blend of humor, sadness, sentiment, absurdity, and most of all, controversy. Names have been changed to protect the innocent . . . if there ever were any in old Kings Cross.

America's answer to ANGELA'S ASHES.

Now followed by the explosive sequel,
ROW HOUSE BLUES, which explores the tragedy of
"white flight" from Southwest Philadelphia
and our nation's cities.

ROW HOUSE DAYS is being represented by Dystel & Goderich Literary Management in New York City. Michael Bourret is the agent. For more information about DGLM you can visit their web site by clicking on this link:

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About the Author

Jack Myers grew up in the Kingsessing section of Southwest Philadelphia. He attended Longstreth Elementary, Most Blessed Sacrament (MBS), and West Catholic High School before moving to the suburbs.

The author later graduated from Interboro High School, St. Joseph's University (undergraduate degree in English), and Drexel University (masters degree in Technical and Science Communications).

Jack is the former managing editor for the Interboro News of Southern Delaware County. He also taught school for several years, including a two-year stint at Bartram High School in "the old neighborhood." Currently he works as a technical writer and lives on the Main Line in suburban Philadelphia.

Jack's short story "Still Dangerous" about baseball legend Ty Cobb was recently published in CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE BASEBALL FAN'S SOUL.