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Southwest Philadelphia Photos Wanted for "Row House Blues"

We've gotten several requests to add more photos to "Row House Blues," the upcoming sequel to "Row House Days."

Here's you chance to have your old photo(s) included in the Row House sequel, along with a credit for supplying the material.

We are especially looking for photos that showcase famous SWP locations and/or people. A short list would include the Lenox Theater, Longstreth Elementary, Myers Playground at 58th, Max the Junk Dealer on 61st, Little Sisters of the Poor, Shaw Jr. High, the Sunshine Inn, Bartram H.S., any interesting shots of the Meadows, Betsy Ross' grave site, Brill's, Uncle Nick's, Blessing's Bakery, the Slinky Factory, Woolworth's, Theodore's, Good Shepherd, St. Mary's at 59th & Elmwood, Our Lady of Loretto, St. Barnabas, the old steel plant, the Auto-Gyro plant, Savitz Pharmacy, Annie's Candy Store at Alden & Chester Ave., Crazy George, Marone's Water Ice truck, Pop the Pretzel Man . . . I'm sure we're leaving out dozens of other excellent possibilities, but you get the idea.

Either e-mail me the digital image along with the necessary info (your name, what the photo shows, when it was taken, etc.) to jackmyers@peoplepc.com, or send the actual photo to Jack Myers, Users Inc, 1250 Drummer's Lane, Valley Forge, PA 19482. I will make every reasonable effort to scan the physical photo(s) and have the photo(s) returned to you. However, I can't be held responsible for materials damaged or lost in the mail.