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Here's the latest. . . .

FEBRUARY 13, 2007

Both books are available. ROW HOUSE BLUES has been out since November, 2006 and is doing reasonably well.

ROW HOUSE DAYS is still going strong. Please feel free to write your reviews of these books on Amazon.com. If your local book store doesn't carry the Row House series, please ask them to carry it. Tell them you want a "fair one" if they refuse to carry RHD and RHB.

If you are having a get together with folks from the old neighborhood and would like me to stop by,
I will be glad to do that, schedule permitting. Just send me an e-mail in advance. I live in the Valley Forge area these days and would like to hear from everyone.

JULY 22, 2006

Sorry that I have been behind in getting ROW HOUSE BLUES published. A completed, professionally edited version is being submitted to Infinity Publishing this week. I should get a proof copy back in a week or two. After I do one last quality check of the proof and make the final changes, the book will be registered in the Library of Congress and be ready for release. I'm estimating this will be out before Labor Day . . . figure most likely the third or fourth week of August.

So far this has been the most challenging year of my life. I've lost my mom to COPD, am going through a divorce after 22 years of marriage, I'm still adjusting to not being able to run following late 2005 knee surgery (I walk a lot now), and I'm in the process of moving to Chesterbrook with two of my cats. So, I thank you for your patience, I hope you enjoy ROW HOUSE BLUES, and I am very much looking forward to things settling down for me on a personal level.

I will promise you two things . . . first, ROW HOUSE BLUES will have been worth the wait. Second, it will be controversial, covering the years 1967-1970 when Kingsessing (MBS Parish) was in increasing decline and chaos.

For all of the readers who objected to the changing of the street names, I will be providing a conversion chart in ROW HOUSE BLUES. For those few readers who complained that ROW HOUSE DAYS wasn't "Catholic" enough, much of ROW HOUSE BLUES takes place at the MBS School and West Catholic High School for Boys (okay, OLPP and Western Catholic in the book).

Thanks, and enjoy the rest of your summer!

MARCH 2006

It is with sadness that I announce the death of my mother, Patricia A. Myers, on St. Patrick's Day March 17th. Mom was the inspiration for "Pam Morris" in my "Row House" stories. Services will be held this week at Marvil Funeral Home in Darby (probably Wednesday night March 22nd . . . see the Delco Daily Times for details) with a Mass at St. Gabriel's Church in Norwood which will most likely be held on Thursday morning. Unfortunately, because of Mom's long illness, the release of my sequel, ROW HOUSE BLUES, will be delayed until the May/June time period.


A draft of ROW HOUSE BLUES is nearly finished. I expect to get this to the editor by January. Still looking for a March/April publication date.

MAY 2005

So far we've consistently been in the top 20,000 out over of two million books being sold on Amazon.com. If you've read the book and would like to write a review, please do so at www.Amazon.com and/or www.bbotw.com. And ask your local book store to please carry this important book!

MARCH 2005

We're published! The book is now available at www.bbotw.com and www.buybooksontheweb.com which are the web sites for Infinity Publishing. The book is 414 pages, and retails for $19.95 (plus shipping). Orders of 5 books or more receive a 40% discount. The book will be listed on amazon.com later in the year.


ROW HOUSE DAYS has been edited by a former professional editor at Temple University Press. The book is now in production at Infinity Publishing in West Conshohocken. We expect the book to be made available to the public beginning some time in late April, or early May at the latest. When available, you'll be able to order copies through www.buybooksontheweb.com. Sometime later in the year we'll have ROW HOUSE DAYS available on Amazon.com. If you are interested in having me do a reading and/or book signing for your group or even at your home, just email me at jackmyers@peoplepc.com. Hey, this is one sure way to get a Southwest Philly reunion going for your old neighbors or classmates!

For bookstores and libraries that wish to carry ROW HOUSE DAYS, please contact either myself or Infinity Publishing at info@infinitypublishing.com. Yes, Infinity does accept returns! If you have any other questions or suggestions, please contact me at jackmyers@peoplepc.com.

The sequel, ROW HOUSE BLUES: Tales From the Destruction of America's Largest Catholic Parish, is still on schedule to be released in 2006.


Check out the "Legend of Crazy Sam" story on the Friends of Mount Moriah web site.

This is at


and features the "Crazy George" legend (changed to Crazy Sam in RHD, but you Southwest Philly types know who we're really talking about). See "Fact or Fiction" on the site's main page.

Thanks to John Ellingsworth for posting my piece on his site. The Friends of Mount Moriah are dedicated to preserving the cemetery against all odds, which lately includes poor (almost nonexistent) management of the facility, frequent vandalism by members of the community, wild dogs running loose, theft of the cemetery's back hoe, major flooding, the discovery of a major marijuana growing operation on the neglected Yeadon side of the sprawling grounds, and a constant lack of funds (if MM isn't in bankruptcy it certainly should be).


We're going to self-publish the first book through Infinity Publishing, a "publish-on-demand" outfit in suburban Philadelphia. My agent, Dystel-Goderich in NYC, will still represent the book. However, they want to see how it does first in the local Philadelphia market. Dystel has been very busy lately, they've got an entire line-up of well-known authors and celebrity clients. I felt as if the ROW HOUSE DAYS project was not being pushed along as fast as I would like. Michael Bourret, who handles my account at Dystel, gave me the green light to begin self publishing so we could get the ball rolling. We hope that a traditional publisher will buy the book(s) at a later date.

So, I'm shooting for a March-April 2005 release date for ROW HOUSE DAYS, with ROW HOUSE BLUES to follow in 2006 (unless we get an offer in the interim). The first book of the series will be available on Amazon.com. If you'd like for me to come to an event to discuss Southwest Philadelphia and tell stories from my book, just drop me a line at jackmyers@peoplepc.com. I'm looking forward to doing book signings at book stores, libraries, book conventions, and even at private get-togethers in homes.

No doubt I'm going to be out there hustling in 2005.