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Row House Days & Row House Blues

I'd appreciate hearing from friends, relatives, neighbors, classmates, and fellow residents of Southwest Philly. Also, anyone with a comment on urban issues or my upcoming book is invited to contribute.

Do you like the idea for the book? Hate the idea? Let your opinion be known!

Do you have a story or treasured memory to share about the old neighborhood?
If so, here's your chance.

Where did you live? Go to school? On what corner did you hang, and with whom?

Where did you move, and when?

What do you miss most about the old neighborhood?

Trying to connect with someone from Southwest you haven't seen in years? Post a message!

C'mon, what are you waiting for? Sign the guestbook and receive a free pimple ball (only kidding . . . the Ohio company that made pimple balls has been out of business since the 80s).

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