Birmingham Astronomical Observatory
My First Observatory

On this page I've chosen to ramble a bit of days gone by, my perogative!


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The first Birmingham Astronomical Observatory.


This was my first observatory which you can see was a simple one-room building. It was just eight feet square with a fiberglass panel roof and no floor, though I did lay down some heavy-duty plastic to keep the grass from growing. I built this for less than $300 and believe it or not it was quite comfortable even with a couple more people in it. In over a year of its existance it never developed any leaks, though I once had an issue with condensation on the inner roof.


This is what I woke up to on April 7, 2003 but it was not exactly what I was anticipating!

As I get time, and dial-up speed, I'll ad a few photos of my first observatory I had back in Michigan. It was a fairly simple building consisting of only one room with a shed-style roll off roof and no floor. The telescope was simply mounted on the tripod in Alt/Az as it was very shakey on the Meade Super wedge. I later got the wedge totally rebuilt by Frank Sperl at Mitty Industries which helped greatly to supress that issue.