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Confused about Polar Alignment? Check out the site link below, I think it will help!

Got a Meade LX200 like me and still confused about Polar Alignment? Well Philip Perkins has been kind enough to publish a prrocedure that just might help us all!

Want to know more about Drift Alignment? Here's an excellent page on that subject.

Do you want or need Alignment/High Precision/Star Directory Charts? The link below will take you to a site where you can get them for your ETX or LX telescope.

Dr. P. Clay Sherrod has some wonderful online tools over at the Arkansas Sky Observatory. the link below will get you directly there where you'll find great tools for many things astronomical!

Do you need help with your astroimaging? Rick Krejci has a really helpful guide. Click his image of Jupiter taken with a Toucam Pro through a 2x barlowed LX-90 to get there.

Rick's guide is here!

This page is under construction, new things are popping up all the time so stay tuned!

Click the links below to visit those sites.

Meade firmware updates

Older Meade LX200GPS firmware.

Amateur Astronomical Observatories

Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews

Sky & Telescope Magazine

Astronomy Magazine

Sky Maps

The STScI Digitized Sky Survey

Universe Today

SEDS Messier Database


Space Calendar (JPL)

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