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Grover Cleveland Harts' music

A Paddy and his goat.

Paddy got off on a few days vacation and took a short trip down the river they say. with his pocket-book crowded his shoes shined and polished I surely will welcome a good time today.
The day had grown brighter Paddys mind was at rest for at last he had purchased some boot-leggers best. with a quart of white lightning to give me the pep and a pocket-book crowded I surely will step.
As he sipped from the bottle not seeming to care in a very few minutes it was up in hair it surely was working in Paddys upstairs the serpent was planning to trap him in snares.
So he met with a farmer and bought him a goat had it crated up nicely and hauled to the boat Paddys name in bright letters on the crate around Bill and just underneath it written " Grantsville ".
Paddy and Billy were put on the boat Billy says Paddy you are a fine goat I will never leave you I will linger close by and keep you from danger and feed you pie.
I will rock you to sleep I will sing to you dear the old fashioned songs will delight you to hear but a-las the old serpent had vanished and fled the bottle was empty the spirits were dead.
When Paddy came forth from his dream as it were he reminded you some of a sheep killing cur when told of his prize in the crate by his side he wondering looked with his eyes opened wide.
He tried to deny and disown his nice mate that he could not do for it then was to late so he got sort of angry and says I'll be free I command you to the river the son of bee.
So the men on the boat with their hatchets in hand soon had Billy uncrated at Paddys command overboard he was lifted poor Billy was gone Paddys heart it grew lighter as the vessel moved on.
There soon came a message to each one concerned from the farmer that Paddys goat had returned the Gas Companys office was not posted just then or they would of ordered that Paddys old friend be crated " regardless " of dollars and cents and shipped back to Grantsville at Paddys expence.
My story is ended with paper and pen but will live on on and on in our memory " Amen ".

Antique picture of a large family; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Grover Cleveland Hart

Crover Cleveland Hart was a great craftsman of wood. making wooden chains out of a solid block of wood. carving blocks into birds. I was in a state of being when I would enter his work shop of his craft.
He was also a great song writer some of his writings date around the year 1912. " Three Monkeys ".
the song to the left " A Paddy and his goat " had no dates on the original I believe it was written sometime during the years of prohibition.


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