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Welcome to Behind Enemy Lines!

1st Annual 2-Man Speedball Tournement December 11!



Behind Enemy Lines is a private paintball field where woods scenerio and woods speedball is played. Designed and operated by Rick and Michael Owen, no fees are charged and players are allowed to play by invitation only. Safety is scrictly enforced. This site goes into detail about the field, safety rules, field rules and procedures, games played here, pictures of our field, theme days and theme day pictures, our teams Judgement and Judgement Kidz, and links that go to our favorite websites.

The BEL Staff consists of:
Founders- Rick and Michael Owen
Managers- Rick and Michael Owen
Photographers- Debbie Owen, Michael Owen, Rick Owen
Sponsor- Harold Garren

To contact us about any comments, questions, or suggestions, please e-mail us at or


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What's New?

2-Man info added, another team added to it. Check out From the Foxhole.

2-Man info added.

John Powers added to Judgement Kidz. Field News. From the Foxhole for More.

S.T.A.R.S./R.P.D. Team wins Resident Evil Scenerio at LOF. Thanks to Toby for pulling off a great event.

Sean Powers has been added to Judgement Kidz. Check out the page.

Pracice over weekend. PB News updated. Check from the Foxhole.

Judgement Kidz page added. Check from the Foxhole.

Upcoming Field Events:

December 11, 2004 2-Man Speedball Tournement

Winter 2004 Resident Evil Scenerio

Spring/Summer 2005 Lord of the Rings Scenerio

(Note: Theme Day dates can change due to weather.)