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291 Filter Meets Dark Star Chaos 2000

A conversation on the Gas Station concerning the Blacet DSC2000 re-issue reminded me that I hadn't really tried the 291 Core Filter with my DSC2000. I flew to my la-bohr-atory and hooked it up. I took the following samples during that session. My 291 filter page is getting so monstrous, I thought I'd stick these on another page.

These samples all use the following modules: A Rene Schmitz VCO3, a Ray Wilson AR EG, a Ray Wilson VCA, a Rene Schmitz S&H, two simple triangle LFO's, the 291 core filter, the VTL5C2 Phase Shifter, and, of course, the Blacet Dark Star Chaos 2000.

The patches for these samples are generally all the same, with minor changes from one to the next. I mix the DSC2000 output with the output of VCO3 - I like the dissonance one can get using an exponential VCO with a linear VCO. At various times, the noise output of the DSC2000 is controlling the VCO. In the first sample, it starts out with the DSC2000 noise filter closed and the noise clock at the highest frequency setting. As the sample progresses, I open up the noise filter to where all of the noise escapes to control the DSC2000 and the VCO. Then I lower the noise frequency to the lowest setting where only an occasional 'ping' escapes (you can hear such a ping skew the frequency toward the end of the sample).

291/DSC2000 Sample 1 (586 KB)

291/DSC2000 Sample 2 (490 KB)

291/DSC2000 Sample 3 (529 KB)

291/DSC2000 Sample 4 (435 KB)

The following two samples use the DSC2000 noise generator to randomly trigger the S&H. You can always hear the negative portion of the 'ping' after the note starts.

291/DSC2000 Sample 5 (626 KB)

291/DSC2000 Sample 6 (536 KB)

I got home the other night from a business trip, and fired up the contraption. It was set for in the same patch, so I varied it some more and came up with these interesting self-generating patches.

291/DSC2000 Sample 7 (261 KB)

291/DSC2000 Sample 8 (600 KB)

291/DSC2000 Sample 9 (596 KB)

291/DSC2000 Sample 10 (568 KB)