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Synth DIY Music

Electronic Music by Home Synth Builders

A great benefit of getting into synth DIY is the exposure to the music made by people who are passionate about synthesizers. And, through that, one gets exposed to the musicians that inspired them. This is a world far removed from the mainstream of music, a world where the standard formula is left in the dust and new worlds are being explored. Listening to Ray Wilson's beautiful "Well I Wish" flow out of the speakers or feeling Jeff Pontius' "Galaxy MSQ2004310" unfold like a mesocyclone overhead makes me realize there is a rich musical vein that the 'big labels' are missing. My music dollars are now reserved for this music 'undiscovered' by the 'mainstream'.

Here are some links to some great synth music by people who are building analog synthesizers at home.

Ray Wilson (AKA ADHD Boy)

The sheer talent of Ray Wilson becomes apparent once you listen to any one of his CD's - he performs music of his own composition across a wide range of styles ranging from lush acoustic to rock to jazz to bouncy or abstract electronic pieces. His vocals, keyboards, guitar, and drums always set an excellent tone for his thought provoking lyrics. Adding to the mix of his latest work is his home made modular synth.

Music From Outer Space

Jeff Pontius

Jeff Pontius produces extraordinary other-world soundscapes with his collection of home built MOTM, CGS, and Oakley modules in addition to his Prophet 5 and MS-20 synths. Check out his 'Synth Imagery' CD - to me, this is what analog synthesis is all about. This link will take you on a mini-tour of Jeff's studio and provide links to his music.

Jeff Pontius Studio and Music

Tony Allgood

Tony Allgood uses a variety of synthesizers, including his own mighty Oakley Modular and Oakley TB3031 to produce some beautiful, powerful electronic music. Check out the snippets of "Shimmer" and "Sto Helit 3: Susan" on his main music page and you'll know what I mean.

This is Tony's main music page:

Tony Allgood Music

This is Tony's page:

Tony Allgood

Here's a link to Tony's Label, CEM:

CEM Label

Juergen Haible

Juergen doesn't let his vast armada of home made synthesizers and effects gather dust. He uses his home built devices plus other synthesizers to produce a compelling electronic tapestry of electronic music with stimulating thematic motifs. Wonderful stuff! Check out the sound clips from his CD's. This music rocks!

JH Music and DIY

Motohiko Takeda

On a regular basis, Motohiko Takeda amazes me with a new tune he's composed and recorded. His blend of rock, surf and cool electronica features guitar, drum, bass, sampling and synthesizers, not least of which is his excellent Farm Synthesizer. This is a link to Motohiko's weekly tune page. It's in Japanese, but even if you don't know Japanese, you'll know where to click =0). Hey Motohiko - I checked out 'Steiner' - now I *have* to put that filter together!

Motohiko Takeda Music of the Week

(c)2003 Motohiko Takeda

Wise Guy Synth MOTM Music Page

This link will bring you to the Wise Guy Synth MOTM Music page, which contains valuable links to some very inspiring works performed on MOTM (Synthesis Technology) Modular Synthesizers. Among the artists included on this page are Dave Trenkel, Scott Gibbons, Strawberry, Mike Marsh and Robert Rich. Of course, you'll find links to Juergen Haible and Jeff Pontius there as well. Check it out!

Wise Guy Synth MOTM Music Page