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Thank you for visiting our site! DEMENSIONS VIII is proud to be a represenitive for 3D AT HOME. Here we will try to provide enough information about our product to allow you to determine if it's something you would like to own. At first it may seem impossible, but we've all seen 3D movies so we know it's possible. We use the same principal as the movies do, but we have found out how to apply it to televisions!!!



Can you imagine watching all your favorite tv shows, sports.and movies in 3D. How about being able to play all of your video games in 3D too, you know - where the car chase comes right off the screen and into your tv dinner.
I'll bet you'd like to see the home movies from that really great vacation in 3D. Well now thanks to a British
company you can. This is real 3D it's been described as true holographic - off the screen = unbelievable - you are there 3D. Just look around this website to get all the information.

#1.jpg international headquarters

We can almost guarantee that your 3D tv movies will make your house the most popular one in the neighborhood for all the kids. So, you'll always know where yours are. In some cases that's one of the best advantages of this system


You can't imagine how much 3D enhances your video games, or the family pictures, cartoons, sports, movies, or just the normal tv shows. The price for this marvel of science is ridiculously low. So, be the first to own one.
Below there is a link to contact us if you have questions.
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TV will never be the same with our 3D conversion box sitting on top - Plan a party and pick a movie and watch your friends go "bongers" when they see this!


This is a real offer. The 3D world is here and it's truly
unbelievable You'll wonder how it works it's so real, and we believe that you will be astonished as the true holographic effects begin to unfold on your tv
We're so sure you'll love it, we offer a 30 day, no questions asked full money back guarantee.

You know. . . .back in the days of the door to door salesmen - like the "Jewel tea man". He'd stop by and say:
"Mam, here's a pound of coffee free. I'll stop by in a week to see if you liked it, and if you'd like more! and then he was gone. Then the old sweeper sales guy would offer to clean your carpet free, and then sell you a electrolux for $250.00. It was a popular and successful tool and so we are sort of doing the same thing. We offer you the opportunity to try our 3D viewing system for your TV and all your video games, movies,etc. for 30 days and then if you don't like it just send it back and get ALL your money back. Can you lose? NO!! So why not give it a 30 day trial. We know you'r going to wonder how you'r going to live without it!!!


The picture above displayes the official logo of the developers and our seal which promises your 30 day money back guarantee.

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The picture above includes everything you'll ever need to get true 3D on your tv - even your home movies, and vacation movies will be 3D. Hook up is so easy "a caveman could do it" Are you a little curious? Well have you ever seen a 3D movie where you wear those glasses in red and green?
Our system is the same only our glasses use shades of grey. And like the 3D movie the glasses have no wires connected - ours work by infrared signals.



I can assure you that when that first car come roaring off the tv screen you'll jump,

You probably want to know the price, and how to get one- right? So here it is: the cost for the entire system is
$139.99 BUT, WE ARE AUTHORIZED TO SELL THE COMPLETE SYSTEM FOR ONLY $89.95 and that includes everything you'll need. If in the future you want more glasses*, we can handle that just click the link below *Comes with one pair of glasses!

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