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North Central Alabama Rabbit Show

Here are some photos of the show on October 27, 2001.

Best of Varieties of Satins.  These are now competing for Best of Breed.

There was a wonderful showing of Satins, with every variety but Blue showing. That means we had Blacks, Brokens, Califorians, Chinchillas, Chocolates, Coppers, Otters, Reds, Siameses, and Whites. In the first show, I had Best Broken and Best Chinchilla, and my Chin doe ended up Best Opposite of Breed.

More Best of Varieties.

Satin at Elkmont

The Best and Best Opposite of Varieties of Satins. In the second show, I had Best and Best Opposite Broken, Best Opposite Chinchilla, and Best Opposite Red.

Red Satins

Hardly room to move.

The show room was packed early in the day with every space taken by rabbits and rabbit breeders.

Taken from car going down the highway.

The drive home was interesting. This is at Huntsville, Alabama, at the Space Museum.

End of Day.  Many have gone home or are ready as soon as Best in Show is picked.

The show room looks a little different by the end of the day.

Those Old Alabama Cotton Fields.

These are cotton fields in Alabama. Going over I couldn't tell in the dark what these white fields were. But going home, I could see the cotton.