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Welcome to the
Maryland Rock Raiders 4x4 Club

My name is Tico Carreras, I am the principle founder and President. On or about February of 2003, and after having applied to a few area clubs and not receiving acknowledgments or replies for membership, I decided to shared my thoughts of starting a Jeep club with some close friends. A club that didn't have to many meetings without direction. A club comprised of true off road enthusiast, not people that where let's say not nice to be around with or overly loud. A club with few if any regulations or restrictions. With the help of my friends; Clarke Jensen, Christopher Gray, Tim Rice, Sam Katkosky, Mike Glazer and Washim, the Maryland Rock Raiders 4x4 Club was born. Our Club name was brain stormed by Heidi and Marcus.

Our goal is simple enough; have fun and use common sense when driving on off roads areas. We would like to attend as many Off Road events or activities as possible and providing our health and Jeeps permit us. We would like to learn all we can about our new Four Wheel drive community or 4WD sport we've chosen. Already many of us have amass a great deal of experience and knowledge, and that can be share with our new club members. We would love to forge a bond with other area clubs, organization or associations, that have the same principles as we have and perhaps we can enhance both our knowledge and continued experiences.

Once a member is accepted he or she is added to our E-mail listing and is assigned a page on the club Web site. They can have photos downloaded to show their stuff on club events, trail adventures or stories they wish to publish.

I believe everyone should know as much as possible about the environment (our playground). How to enjoy it, take care of it and leave it in better shape, so that we can return to ride another day. If we don't, we are sure to continue losing the privilege to use it. Support the Organizations like Treat Lightly and the United Four Wheel Drive Association, these are the folks that speak on our behalf at National conferences and who fight to protect our rights to the use of public lands.

We are a new Jeep club, that is gaining speed, exposure and lot's of knowledge to benefit our members. We are a great bunch of people who love to have fun and make new friends and enjoy being around each other. If you are looking for a club to identify with, then we might be it, if not thanks for visiting our web pages, and good luck in your personal adventures. You see, we do understand!

There's a lot of places to still see in this Country and we aim to see as much of it as we can, while we can. "We are all for one and one for all"

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Rausch Creek Adventure Park, our first run. 4 wheelers need to support our local adventure parks, since we are lossing so many trail roads.


Our local play ground





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It's about having fun, enjoy each others company, and helping each other as time permits.