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A Warning .......

Casting any molten metal is very dangerous. Molten aluminum is around 1400 degrees when you pour it, and is capable of vaporizing flesh on contact. Pouring a "geensand" mold runs the risk of it exploding, showering molten metal all over the place even on you. The safest option is to NEVER try to do aluminum casting yourself. But if you do, you are solely responsible for any injury, personal or property damage, or loss of life. You assume that responsibility for any use of anything you find on this site. You have been warned, the risk is yours and yours alone.....but have fun anyway....

Note I'll be adding content as time allows, and as I progress on the lathe.

Updated: 03/24/04

Still working on text (spelling ha, ha).
Add photos and text for sheet metal brake

Here is my aluminum foundry furnace, including Kirby air source, crucibles, tools, and a geeensand mold ready to be poured with liquid molten aluminum.


This is not a how to page (may turn into one), but more of a bragging page. Why not! Casting aluminum in your own backyard is truly something worthy of an Epic Poem. To bad Homer is not still alive. That's Homer as in the ancient greek poet, not the cartoon character.

If you are really interested metal casting, and backyard foundries, click on the link below. It is the best site on the web for this stuff. It has lots of how-to info.

Click her to go to backyard metal casting

This is the current progress of the lathe. You should know this is probably an old picture. A new one will be put here as time (and progress) allows. You should also note that this is a modified version of David Gingery's Lathe, his book is a must have. The series is HIGHLY recommended, other books in the series show, how to make other accessories for the lathe.